Week 1 - What the #### is this?

Well, it's a "game" made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 in 24 hours, and no, it was not for a game jam. It was a simple experiment that I decided to make, because I got the idea of having to find a story while still including a bit of gameplay. The graphics were made in GIMP and Blender. The game's ending is just a sort of weird jumpscare, with a text file produced at the end. Yes, I'm telling you this.

The bit of gameplay is that, to unlock the ability to listen to Tape 6, (yes there's some humor) you need to listen to Tape 5.

I'd recommend listening to all of the tapes instead, but if you're wanting to complete this experiment quickly, listen to Tape 5, then Tape 6.

The experiment is about 13 minutes long, and there is some loud noise, but not much. I made the tapes with FL Studio, and for 4 to 6, I used Hardcore to distort the audio.

So there you go. Hope you enjoy! (BTW, I can't take criticism that well, I need help with that.)

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